2021-07-29 LTE Huddle

Meeting objective:

Peggy and Julia will explain the LTE plan and discuss tactics.  We want to get your input on how to best communicate among ourselves and what support you need to fulfill the roles you're taking on.

What have we done?

  • 33 LTEs published, 35% of what submitted gets to print

  • have sent letters printed to all Redistricting Committee members

  • recognize and thank members that have submitted letters

  • obtained a list of newspapers in Georgia from Ga Press Association

  • slicing and dicing that list to target specific areas

  • using postcard volunteer list to solicit “Writers”, “Submitters”, “Subscribers”



What is our Strategy?

  • 1st phase….educational…what did we do

  • 2nd phase…Listen to us… what have we done

  • 3rd phase… Show Your Work… <more in a little bit about this phase>

  • 4th phase…. Check Your Work…<TBA>





What is Next?

  • Time-line we are operating under

  • Have 3 letters ready to go by this weekend to areas we have not submitted to

  • Message for Show Your Work

  • What we heard at hearings

                  > secrecy not acceptable

                  > splitting cities and counties not desirable

                  > public wants access to proposed maps with sufficient time to


                  > 2/3 of GA cities with a population of ____ have multiple districts

  • Will need 2 - 3 writers to draft LTE Show Your Work




What’s Needed from You?

  • 2 to 3 writers to draft LTE Show Your Work

  • Clip and send to Julia, LTEs published

  • suggestions as to how to structure writing assignments

  • feedback as to how frequently we should get together and a what time