2021-07 Lines matter, but the process is done in secret V2 - Claudia

Legislative district maps are being redrawn for Georgia, based (supposedly) on the results of the census. There are always members of whichever party is in power, who want to chop up and re-draw the districts in ways they think will keep them in power. Often this results in districts that are grossly stretched or distorted and communities and cities divided. Many cities are spilt unnecessarily into multiple House or Senate districts, making it difficult for citizens to get strong representation.


Where the district lines lie, and how they get drawn, matter, but the process tends to be done in secret by the party in power, out of sight of us, the voters.


I ask that you send a postcard, letter, email or phone call to the Chair and Vice Chair of the House Redistricting Committee. Chair Bonnie Rich can be reached at 402 CLOB, Atlanta, GA 30334, bonnie.rich@house.ga.gov, 404-656-5087. Vice Chair Darlene Taylor can be reached at 401-H State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334, darlene.taylor@house.ga.gov, 404-656-7857.


They and our local legislators need to hear from each of us that we expect and deserve fair and transparent redistricting that serves the people, not the politicians or political parties!

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