2021-07 Transparency for a fair and inclusive process- Salik

Georgia citizens and residents, 


We have a unique opportunity to ensure our elected officials do their job to represent the people regardless of their party affiliation. The decennial redistricting process has been characterized far too often by politically motivated attempts to manipulate district lines to determine one's voters. These partisan efforts to maintain control have been conducted by both Democrats and Republicans.

To ensure these practices do not continue, it’s imperative we advocate for the Redistricting Committee members to demonstrate transparency in the redistricting process. This must begin by publicly announcing a schedule for the redistricting process, including a date for releasing the proposed maps for public review. It’s critical elected officials widely distribute information about the redistricting process - not just in English and not only on the General Assembly website. As the leaders we have elected to represent us, they have a responsibility to include every resident and every citizen, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and other socioeconomic factors, in a process that has a monumental impact over the next decade. 

So, I encourage you, my fellow Georgians, to contact __________([ committee member(s) and/or their legislator]and ask: for a schedule for the redistricting process and for a public review of the proposed maps with enough time for meaningful input before their adoption. Write postcards to Committee members in support for language equity across redistricting, and demand our leaders commit to upholding our democracy by including the people they have sworn to serve.

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