2021-07 Citizens are watching - Jerie

To the Editor:
Although Georgia law specifically allows sitting legislators to draw the new
maps for their districts behind closed doors, citizens are watching more
closely than ever this year. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to see
their communities split or ignored just to guarantee an incumbent a safe seat.
Everyone wants to elect representatives who will listen to and speak for them.

But the process of redistricting needs to be far more open to the people who
will have to live with the results for the next decade. Georgians should be
able to learn what the census has revealed and which data sources and
mapping programs have been used. We should be able to see the new maps in
time for public review and comment, well before the legislature finalizes the
districts. Revisions should be considered, based on voters’ input.

Contact __________(a committee member(s) and/or their legislator) and ask when will we see the maps. Remind them that citizens in your area are watching this process and expect to provide input and oversight. Democracy depends on it.


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