2021-08-26 LTE Huddle

Meeting objective:

Peggy and Julia will review what we’ve done and what’s next.  We want to get your feedback on your experience with submissions, letter writing, and tracking..

Where we’ve been, since our last meeting:

  • 196 submissions (counting this coming weekend). Since May: 42 LTEs published in 41 newspapers. 25 counties

  • 38 submitters,

    • Alice M, Anita T, Ann W, Ashleigh E, Beth D, Carol L, Cindy P, Claudia K, Claudia K, Cuffy S, Cyd W, David B, Elizabeth C, Janet W, Jean B, Jeb G, Lisa C, Lucy H, Martha A, Martha R, Martha Y, Mary L, Mary-Kate S, Micah W, Packy M, Peggy P, Peggy S, Regina S, Seth G, Sharon W, Susan K, Suzanne S, Suzanne S, Valerie J, Vergena C, Vicki C

  • 8 writers:

    • Anita T, Ashleigh E, Elizabeth C, Lisa C, Mary L, Peggy P, Regina S, Val J

  • prioritized newspapers by quality



Feedback from you:

  • duplicate letters, “original work”

  • why submit on Sunday?

  • getting to know our papers

  • ideas? issues?




Where we’re going:

  • 8/28 drive: Summary of Hearings

  • 9/11 drive: letter writing on benchmarks 


 County coverage