2021-08 Don’t let them slice and dice us into unfair state and federal districts - Gina

It’s time to redistrict Georgia. The legislative committee charged with this task held 11 meetings across Georgia this summer. They heard from hundreds of concerned citizens, who all begged for a fair, transparent 2021 redistricting. Citizens shared countless examples of how deliberate, self-serving politicians only aided their own and their party’s interests in 2010 and beyond by cutting communities apart. With Georgia so divided ideologically today, it truly is in the best interest of Republicans and Democrats alike to approach the 2021 redistricting clear-eyed and committed to non-partisanship. Don’t let them slice and dice us into unfair state and federal districts. Small cities, towns, and communities should not be torn apart just to ensure an incumbent can’t lose. Here are just some examples: after 2010, LaGrange and Athens were each split into 2 senate districts and 3 house districts with dorms on the tiny UGA campus split 3 ways, as well. Tifton went from a single house district to 3 and Waycross went from 2 to 4! The street in front of my house puts me in one state house district and my across-the-street neighbor is in another. Bad districts rip communities apart and silence voices, folks. Democracy, already fragile in America, is not well served when only one party has any chance of winning. This gives us representatives who ignore moderate voices and cater only to those at the extremes. Please contact your state senator and representative and let them know you expect honest redistricting.

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