2021-08 Let’s make sure we get it right - Elizabeth

The method of redistricting used in Georgia later this year will have a profound effect on the outcome of elections, the balance of power in our local, state and federal governments, and will determine how much your vote counts for years to come.  Let’s make sure we get it right.  Districts all need to have about the same number of voters, but can be done unfairly using gerrymandering, the practice of drawing oddly-shaped districts that divide cities and communities for the purpose of reducing competition in elections.  While both parties are guilty of stacking the deck in this manner, the people of Georgia who’ve spoken out in joint hearings across the state this year want a redistricting process that is fair, transparent, and preserves communities.  Anyone who values their right to vote must also value fair play in elections, or that right becomes meaningless.  Please contact your legislator and ask:

What’s the timeline? Redistricting committees to publicly release a timeline NOW for the redistricting process through the special session that shows what their process will be and:

When will we see the maps? The timeline should include when we can expect to see maps for review  in enough time to have meaningful review prior to their adoption. Thank you.

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