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The state and county maps and documents on this page are sourced from the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment office.  The LCRO is an office of the Georgia General Assembly that provides redistricting services. Maps and information on county and city pages listed below are from other sources such as county websites.

Table of Contents

State of Georgia districts

Download full PDF for more detail; JPGs available for presentations. All maps on this page are up-to-date; dates in the filenames represent when new districts were drawn.

Georgia Congressional Districts

View entire PDF (sourced 6/16/2021)

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Georgia State House Districts

View entire PDF (sourced 6/16/2021)

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Georgia State Senate Districts

View entire PDF (sourced 6/16/2021)

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How cities are split into multiple districts

Note: The purpose of the city pages listed below is to provide examples of small-to-medium-size cities that could be accommodated in a single Congressional, state Senate, or state House district, but have been divided into multiple districts. We apologize if you don’t see your city listed below; we’ll add to the list as time and resources permit.

College Campus Maps

Several of Georgia’s college campuses are cracked into multiple districts